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Living the Dream of Pacific Island Cruising

Sailing to palm-fringed beaches and star-lit coves is just a dream for many. However, for John Welch it is a lifestyle. This retired government administrator who calls Hawaii his home, sails for the pacific solo. Aboard a 20-foot Pacific Seacraft Flicka named Betty Jane, after his wife, Welch has made many passages including California to Hawaii, Hawaii to Tahiti and back, Hawaii to Palmyra and back, plus extensive island hopping in the Aloha State.

A memorable voyage.

The Palmyra trip stands out in John's mind. His log recalls that the voyage out "was beautiful. steady NE winds of 20-25 knots and fine weather. Carried a 100 working jib and single reefed main most of the trip. This combination balanced the helm perfectly under the prevailing wind and sea conditions and I averaged over 100 miles per day for the passage; the best days eon was 123 miles."

"Hitting a small, low island on the nose with no aids other than a sextant is a good feeling. This is one of the times when you might wish for a companion to share small triumphs anti new experiences."

The return to Hawaii proved rough going. There were absolutely the most adverse weather conditions possible." Welch recounts "Why, in one day it would go from becalmed to 45-knot squalls. to complete wind shifts right around the compass. During it all. there was never a worry about the boat. She really proved herself," he emphasizes.

Quality engenders confidence.

After sailing Betty Jane for four years and 10,500 miles, Welch notes that there have been no problems with the boat, engine. or gear. The boat is given scheduled maintenance, has been hauled twice. running rigging has been replaced and 110 jib, main and dodger restitched. The hull and topsides gelcoat remains in good condition.

"The Flicka is possibly the finest 20 footer ever built," he continues. "The boat has to be seen to be believed. Betty Jane has more usable living space than my previous 30-feet racer/cruiser. Also, the Flicka is much easier to sail. And for long distance sailing, I appreciate the Flicka's comfort more than any other small boat I can imagine.

"I know this may sound a bit over enthusiastic. However, when it's only you, the boat, and a very large sea, the boat takes on an added dimension. The Flicka inspires confidence. With her, I always feel secure, even under poor conditions," he concludes.

Yes, dreams can be realized aboard Flicka. And even before their day of fulfillment arrives, Flicka can bring you many days of pleasure. She is roomy to accommodate families, easy handling for couples, and an able yacht in all respects; several families even live aboard. Her heritage of achievement and her tradition of enduring quality inspire confidence on every voyage. Sail her soon your dream is within reach.

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Owner John Welch made the following passages: Newport Beach, CA to Hawaii, 2,310 miles, 26 days (average day's run 89 miles); Hawaii to Tahiti, 2,430 miles, 38 days (average day's run 64 miles); Tahiti to Hawaii, 2,650 miles, 35 days (averages day's run 76 miles); Hawaii to Palmyra, 1,020 miles, 10 days (average day's run 100 miles); Palmyra to Hawaii, 1,250 miles, 19 days (average day's run 66 miles).

BETTY JANE in the South Pacific