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Some pics of the Italian Cruise

May 8

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5/8/2010 10:05 PM  RssIcon

I don’t know about you but I like looking at pictures on a blog, so here’s a few more from last years Italian cruise…


We headed out from Cannes as soon as Nina’s lost luggage turned up (we had to wait three days and Nina had no clean clothes!)


Since the weather was calm we anchored between the islands off Cannes. It wasn’t too busy for a change. And not too hot either.




Night falls with a heavy dew..


Caraway interior looking reasonable tidy..


I have no idea where this is but it’s probably Isola d’Elba.


This was a small bay off the same island. We anchored here after exploring the coast all day and at first it seemed like a quiet night was in store. However, there was something wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it. The wind kept fluctuating. It would be silent for a while and then the rigging would sing for a while. This went on for about ten minutes and I made a decision.  There was a small port about ten minutes away. I said to Nina; “ I don’t like this, we’re going into that little port to see if we can find a berth.” “OK “,she said. I hauled the anchor, started the engine and off we went. We entered the port and just went and found an empty berth and tied up. No sooner had we cleated off than the wind was howling a nasty gale!  In the morning we went to the marina office and asked if we could stay in the berth we had found. Thankfully they were fine with this and we stayed for another couple of nights since it continued to howl for two more days!

The Med is like this. Especially the islands. It takes experience to know when something is wrong with the weather. On that occasion my instincts were right thankfully although there was no significant change in air pressure.


Moored up in port next to a Riva Aquarama on the Italian Rivierra. I know which boat I’d rather be at sea in.. This berth cost us €65 the night and there was no WiFi!   It was hit or miss in Italy. Cheap or ridiculously expensive and you never knew what to expect.

All pics taken with a Canon EOS 30D with 10-22mm wide angle zoom.


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Re: Some pics…

There is nothing better than spending your vacation aboard your boat. Me and my girlfriend do it every year. It is a good experience.

By DIY Boats on   10/2/2010 10:06 PM
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