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Hull Number 074 - PSC200741278.

Pacific Seacraft
Sanford, FL
Engine Type
Honda 8 HP Outboard
Enclosed Head?
Hull Material
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She is currently docked at Monroe Harbor Marina in Sanford, FL.

Seapup was built by the venerable Pacific Seacraft in 1978. She was designed by Bruce Bingham based off of work boats. The Flicka 20 is a strong, tough boat. She oozes traditional design and has a reputation for being a fast, seaworthy boat that would bring home their crew safely. The diminutive Flickas, at only 20 feet, have done amazing passages such as from CA to Hawaii.

Personally, I've sailed Seapup down to Daytona and up the coast to Cumberland Island. She is extremely stable despite getting caught in 40 knots of wind.

Seapup has a brand new Honda Outboard (8hp) with less than 200 hours. While she sails exceptionally well, having a reliable auxiliary outboard gives you piece of mind when you sail through tight spots.

Seapup has a tiller-pilot (autopilot). Sailing short handed or for extended voyages? Having auto-pilot makes things easier. Seapup has two new batteries. A deep cycle battery for running the electronics and a starting battery to start the outboard.

Full compliment of sails including a genoa, 110, 70, and storm sail.

New standing rigging (Sta-Lok Fittings). Newer bowsprit (Replaced in 2014 with clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir). 

The mast-step has been reinforced and a compression post was installed by the previous owner.  The interior is missing the headliner.


St. Augustine to Daytona to Cumberland Island.  Up the St. John's River to Sanford.

Previously: 1500 miles around FL by the previous owner. 

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